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Thanks for visiting Steven Humphreys Website. I wrote poetry all night long one night when I was fifteen. One of my first fifty something poems was titled ‘Rotting Green Rats.

The scene took place in a storm drain pipe down the hill by the street in front of my house…

I have since rewritten it because I bought a pet rat about sixteen years ago to keep me company traveling around with me in construction. Unlike their reputation in the movies; if you have ever owned one, you know how sweet and affectionate they actually are.

She was always so happy to greet me when I came home after work. It jumped up and down in the cage anxious for me to take it out. It licked my face kissing me, even nibbling on my fingers

She was such a great companion crawling under my shirt, on my shoulder and head. I can still feel those beautiful little claws scratching on me. She joined me eating buttered popcorn, even sharing a little jack and coke as I watched some corny ‘B’ horror movie in a lonely motel.

I named her ‘Tammy.’ I was devastated when she died. Everything went wrong that dreadful day. It was Christmas Eve, I got laid off from my job, I had no family, and my pet was my only friend left in the world. It was terrible. Sadly, they only live about four years. I still miss her. The poem is a tribute to her.

You never know which one of nature’s creatures you will love and cherish until you own one…

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